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Cancelled due to COVID_19 related circumstances

This week will offer a wonderful space to explore our yoga practice in the mornings and rest or play on the beach and in the waves in the afternoon. Or you may choose to take a walk or just ‘be’ quietly with what your body is feeling.

Whatever you choose to do, it will allow a deeper integration of new experience, away from the usual demands and habits of home. We will be part of community life, taking turns in the early evening to help prepare a shared evening meal or tend the gardens. This time is also available if any of you want an optional individual 1-1 session with me

My teaching is born from the work of the late Vanda Scaravelli (“Awakening the Spine”) and my mentor Diane Long

I have been exploring, sharing & refining this intuitive approach for 20 years.  In this practice we access the deeper movement in our bodies, the movement of life, fueled by breath and born from the spine.  Rather than training and stretching the body, we find elastic strength, vital softness, a natural freedom and play-full-ness in our movements.  Our joints are key in this approach, in them we feel the ability to change and to rest.  We come home to our bodies.  We have fewer aches and pains and a greater sensory awareness.

The 4th is arrival day with check-in in the afternoon, registration and the welcome meal at 20:30. From the 5th onward the workshop takes place in the morning from 9:30 – 1:30,  afternoons are beach time! This retreat is held in a Community Center. In the spirit of collaboration and community/building, you will be asked to contribute about 4-6 hours/week to some center tasks like food preparation or joining the washing up team. 

The 17th is departure day when after breakfast everyone helps to get the rooms cleaned for the next group. It is a possible to book for one week after consultation with Louise directly.

How to book this workshop

In case of a government ordered single room per person limit we might charge a single room supplement for twin rooms of 20€ per person and night in order to cover our costs. This will only apply to guests who do not have contact with each other, if we exceed our house capacity and have to book external rooms.

  • Step 1 – contact Louise and book workshop (you will be forwarded to the leader’s page)
  • Step 2 – book your stay at the Alexandros Community Centre (embedded in sidebar)

Workshop Leader


Louise studied Iyengar yoga. While staying in the Himalayan region of Ladak she experienced a deep connection with the aliveness of nature. 

From India her path took her to Findhorn. She qualified in the UK with the British Wheel of Yoga and the Yoga Biomedical Trust. In the 90’s she met her mentor, Diane Long, primary student of Vanda Scaravelli (“Awakening the Spine) and her sense of the potential of yoga freed from the yoke of ‘method’ came alive. Louise is based in Findhorn, Scotland, and teaches internationally.

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Community Work

Alexandros is run by and as a full community comprising the unpaid volunteer staffers and guests. You’ll be joining the cooking team once in the week, and helping with clean up or gardening. The work is not onerous, 6-7 hr in the week. This makes our programs more affordable and helps us build community together.

Stay longer than just a week

Our very affordable (from €39o) Living-in-Community program welcomes you to stay on a week before or after your retreat to relax and fully enjoy this special unspoiled region of Greece.

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Many Questions you may have, are already answered in our FAQ. If you do not find an appropriate answer please don’t hesitate to contact us.




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