23 - 31 August 2021

The New Man Workshop

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Who am I – how am I – what do I really need? In this intensive workshop you experience a wide range of emotions amongst a dedicated group of men.

In a trusting group and in the beautiful, healing Kalikalos community at the greek sea, you can free yourself from your everyday life and fully come into the here and now. Here you can feel yourself completely, bring your issues to the table and overcome them with a strong community. Complete experience, intense feelings and happiness are the result of this work.

You will be able to cope with problems, fears, anger, guilt and shame in a safe environment and solve the blockages that may stand in the way of your desired life. You free yourself from inner and outer resistance and experience the deep process of connection to your masculinity. In this transformation you bring your dark sides to the light and integrate them into your life to unfold your potential.


We will start out the day with a variety of body-work exercises to start out feeling relaxed, energized and grounded in experience. After breakfast we will have focused work, including gestalt therapy, hot seat work, coaching and group dynamics from 9:30 AM until about 1:30 PM. We will then break for lunch and enjoy some leisure time: we can go to the beach, hike and swim, and share amongst ourselves.

In the late afternoon, we will resume with group work and sharing rounds. Over the days, we have different challenges, actions, and activities built in.

After the workshop concludes for the day, we will cook together and do maintenance on the Kalikalos Community Center. Occasionally some of us will help with the breakfast preparation. In the evenings, we will hang out around a campfire when conditions allow, lie in hammocks and celebrate life.

The 23th is arrival day with registration in the afternoon and welcome meal at 8pm followed by a check-in of the group after dinner.

The 31th is departure day, after breakfast everyone will clean their rooms before departure.

How to book this workshop

  • Step 1 – book your workshop (contact Pascal via E-Mail)
  • Step 2 – book your stay at the Alexandros Community Centre (embedded in sidebar)

Workshop Leader


Pascal Gabriel “As a coach and gestalt therapist, I help people to lead a free and self-determined life, to turn dreams into goals and to achieve them. 

My work is a mix of gestalt therapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and impact coaching. In my career, I am an entrepreneur; I own a design company and lead workshops for different areas of work & life. I experienced a variety of pilgrimages, hero’s journeys, and initiations and trainings. Everything I do is nourished by a combination of these areas. I lead several men’s groups and workshops in Munich, Germany. In those groups, I experience and share the value of community among men as an opportunity for personal growth and transformation.


As a body therapist and coach, I have been helping people since 2004 to develop their potential for self-healing, adaptation and continuous development, and to live a life according to their needs and ideas. 

The focus of my work is on methods and techniques to increase your body (self) awareness and increase your energy level and develop a greater variety of ways to deal with challenges. Six years ago, I discovered working with men for myself and since then I have organized and led many men’s workshops and activities. These “male spaces” have become an essential part of my life where I can learn and grow myself, and develop my basic trust as a man.

More Info

Community Work

Alexandros is run by and as a full community comprising the unpaid volunteer staffers and guests. You’ll be joining the cooking team once in the week, and helping with clean up or gardening. The work is not onerous, 6-7 hr in the week. This makes our programs more affordable and helps us build community together.

Stay longer than just a week

Our very affordable (from €39o) Living-in-Community program welcomes you to stay on a week before or after your retreat to relax and fully enjoy this special unspoiled region of Greece.

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Many Questions you may have, are already answered in our FAQ. If you do not find an appropriate answer please don’t hesitate to contact us.




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